HCPA Citizen Liaison

The Mission of the HCPA Citizen Liaison

Acknowledging the importance of ad valorem taxation and the complexities of the mass property appraisal process, Hillsborough County Property Appraiser Bob Henriquez has established a Citizen Liaison for his office to help guide citizens through any uniquely challenging inquiries related to their property.

The Role of the HCPA Citizen Liaison

The HCPA Citizen Liaison will provide citizens with a specific point-of-contact to help access available services, answer questions, and assist with problem resolution.

When to Contact the HCPA Citizen Liaison

If after contacting a representative on the HCPA's main phone number (813-272-6100) your question or concern has not been resolved, please contact the HCPA Citizen Liaison.

How the HCPA Citizen Liaison Can Assist You

The HCPA Citizen Liaison will be your point-of-contact to address your specific questions or concerns. Using all available resources, and remaining within the framework of statutory parameters, the Liaison will keep you informed as they attempt to find a way to ensure your unique situation is addressed to the best of our office's ability.

How to Contact the HCPA Citizen Liaison

Please use the form below to send your questions or concerns regarding your property to the HCPA Citizen Liaison. You can attach up to three documents, up to 5mb in size in any of the following formats: .txt, .jpeg, .pdf, .docx, and excel.



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