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Property Owner/Manager:

Thank you for your cooperation in providing the income and expense information on your property. The information will be used in conjunction with information provided by owners of similar property in Hillsborough County to gauge prevailing market rental rates, vacancy, expenses, and capitalization rates.

To submit your information, type in the folio number below and click on "Find Parcel" to locate your property. Your folio number can be found on the notice mailed to you. If you do not have your folio number, you can find it by searching for owner name or site address on hcpafl.org and clicking on property search. Alternatively, you can click here.

Florida Statute 195.027(3) provides the Property Appraiser access to the income and expense information. As required by law, our office will keep this information in strict confidence and it will not be available for public inspection.

Please enter your folio number